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replica Cartier love earringsWe’ve talked a lot about the rise of cheap Cartier love hoop earrings on LEXS.CO between myself and my brilliant colleagues. And yet, I find myself amazed at how many more hoop designs keep popping up—and how hard I’ve fallen for all of them. I can’t bring myself to call the silhouette a trend—it’s been with us for, well, ever, it seems—but it’s certainly trending more than usual. It’s like, if the replica Cartier jewelry world were an ocean, hoop earrings would be the tide: Coming in and out, sometimes in huge waves, but always present. Well, the tidal wave of hoops has absolutely bowled me over, and before it heads back out, I predict I’ll have at least ten new pairs in my fake Cartier jewelry box. I can’t help it! They’re so lovable. Here are some of the latest favorites I’m keeping an eye on.

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