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  • [REVIEW] 18k Yellow Gold Cartier Love Bracelet B6035517 from

[REVIEW] 18k Yellow Gold Cartier Love Bracelet B6035517 from

I’ve been wanting a love bracelet for almost four years now. I’ve saved up only to see Cartier increase their prices by ridiculous amounts every year. It doesn’t feel right to spend $7k when I could save a bit more and get an auth Birkin. After seeing the previous reviews on Lexga’s items, as well as seeing her proofs that she truly is a factory, I felt confident and took the plunge.

  • Seller: wineralways365 on wechat (web:

*She only sent 1 psp pic and 1 vid, the vid looked great but I’m not sure how to upload it.

    • Price: $1950 for size 18.

Timeline: I contacted her and we chatted for a few days before I placed my order.

  • Ordered on 4/17, paid in full via WU.
  • WU didn’t make funds available until 4/24, no idea why.
  • 5/4 PSP received, I gave GL and she sent it that day using DHL.
  • I got it 5/7.


  • Quality: 10/10 ! The bracelet is mirror polished, no sharp edges or roughness. Every screw motif is exactly the same shape and depth. The two halves line up perfectly with no gaps. From my research a size 17 should be around 32g (same as original), and all regular love bracelets are 6mm by 2mm. This bracelet is right on the money.
    – I take it to jewelry shop to check it, the weight same as we talk before and I go to Carter NY shop, it’s same as LEXGA, amazing!


  • Accuracy: 9.5/10 . I can’t see any flaws when comparing against online pics. The only “flaw” is I found the GCM405 serial number on google, and it’s LEXGA own picture on some other site. I don’t plan on bringing this into Cartier for cleaning, nor do I plan on selling it, but I’m deducting 0.5 points for this. I think lexga can do other serials too if you tell her. When I order again I’ll look up some auth bracelets and see if she can custom make the inside stamping.

* To decrease the risk of seizure I asked her to leave out the packaging, so I can’t speak to the accuracy of the box. I usually toss all my rep packaging anyway so I’m ok with no packaging.

  • Communication: 10/10 . We spoke in Chinese for the entire transaction and she was super nice and patient. I asked the prices of a bunch of other items and not once was she annoyed that I haven’t purchased anything yet. I’m sure she has a bunch of other customers, but she almost always replies within a day.

I have tested it’s solid 18k gold. This is my first venture into replica fine jewelry and I’m super duper happy with my purchase. Looking forward to buying something else from her!

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