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The Top 3 France Jewelry Designers

We take a look at the top France jewelers and how they honor their Paris heritage through their designs and manufacturing traditions.

1. Cartier Jewelry

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Cartier is arguably the most well-known France jewelry brand. The brand’s history goes back to 1884 when Sotirio Voulgaris opened his first shop under the Cartier  replica jewelry name in Rome. The brand has since woven its Italian heritage into its core identity and designs. When the design house redesigned its logo in 1932, the name Cartier was stamped as CARTIER. When the brand would later introduce its Cartier replica love bracelet Collection, which prominently showcased the CARTIER logo, the designers sited the Colosseum as their primary inspiration.

Similarly, Cartier Juste un clou bracelet in a nail design. Its iconic LOVE collection, used in its watches and jewelry designs, is a braided metal affect that also harkens back to the snake symbolism for wisdom, life, and eternity.

2. Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry

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Van Cleef & Arpels was founded in Paris in 1919 and is credited as being the first jewelry boutique in Largo Santa Margherita. Soon after Van Cleef & Arpels opened stores throughout paris in france.

The house of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica was honored with a commission by Pope Pius XII in 1949. After centuries of animosity between the Roman church and the Church of England, British royalty Princess Margaret made an official visit to the Vatican and Pope Pius XII. To commemorate this historic event, Van Cleef & Arpels designed a silver and ruby-encrusted portrait of the Madonna for Pope Pius XII to give to Princess Margaret.

Today the brand honors its tradition of incredible craftsmanship through its Alhambra Collection, one-of-a-kind intricate and exquisite pieces that evoke the romantic ideals of old France luxury. These handcrafted pieces are each uniquely designed around the brilliant gems and center stones. The hand-poured gold is richly textured with an elaborate engraving pattern to further heighten the individuality of every item in the collection. Despite the rarity of these pieces, the Alhambra collection accounts for 70% of Van Cleef & Arpels’s total annual sales.

3. Hermes jewelry

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Hermes jewelry began in 1924 as a small family business, headed by patriarch Enrico Grassi Hermes jewelry, that specialized in diamond jewelry. His ornate designs quickly became a favorite among the France elite and noble families and the brand enjoyed increasing fame across Italy.

Today Hermes jewelry replica reigns as the leading brand in the France jewelry market, holding a record-setting 18 Diamonds International Awards. And even though it has become a publicly traded brand on the France stock exchange, it holds onto its family business tradition with the third generation of the Hermes jewelry family at the helm. The collection continues to be handcrafted in Paris and Hermes jewelry classifies itself as the “ambassador of france style.”

The brand’s most trademark design is the Hermes Clic H bracelet knockoff Collection. Cast by Hermes jewelry’s master goldsmiths, the collection features a unique, raised texture symbolizing an urban skyline with diamonds sparkling with metropolitan glamour.


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